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I had big doubts that bread with no preservatives could travel and still be fresh. WAS I WRONG!!!!!! YOUR BREAD IS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!! I want to thank you for your patience with me. I was very suspicious all along. I'm sorry. You now have a new customer.

Sally Haas, Merion Station PA

Great bread and service. The bread shipment arrived in a timely manner and had extra loaves—a wonderful surprise. They were fresh and packed well so were perfect! This is my very favorite bread. I am gluten intolerant, but can eat this bread with no issues. I can’t find it at the store sometimes, so I appreciate being able to order it—and free shipping!!

Susan C.

The Chia Rye bread is amazing!! I have to keep it up on the top fridge shelf or my 6 year old nephew will eat it by the loaf. First Izzio bread I have tried, but I will certainly be looking for more!

Emily Dixon

This is hands down the best sourdough bread I have ever had. My entire family order it regularly after trying it at my house. Highly recommend!!

Bridget B.

Sourdough bread - Best I ever had. Will order again. Fast service & packaged well

Ruth A.

Divine Bread - I purchased this for my sister and what a hit it was! Really fresh and smelled so good!

Laura C.

We received the bread in a timely manner and froze most of it. It’s a delicious full bodied bread that makes great toast and sandwiches.

Ellen P.

We discovered Chia Cracked Rye at EarthFare, and when those stores closed, we thought our access to this delicious bread was forever lost. So happy to learn that Izzio ships, and we are on our 4th case. It arrives in great condition, and we just throw it in the freezer, taking out one loaf at a time. Life is too short for subpar bread! This stuff Read more about review stating My family's favorite bread is extremely satisfying!


What a nice surprise! We ordered as a test, not expecting much. But despite getting stuck for a couple of extra days on the way here, the bread is delicious and has a great texture and is better than some “premium” breads we have bought locally. And going straight from the freezer to the oven actually works. The bread is a wonderful treat in a difficult time. We absolutely will order again.

David B.

Izzio's New ORGANIC Take & Bake

Great bread starts with great ingredients, which is why at izzio Artisan Bakery we source the highest quality ORGANIC ingredients for our breads. We use only authentic small batch baking methods and extended natural fermentation, where some loaves take up to 72 hours. The result is an ORGANIC loaf of bread that has a unique texture, deep flavor, is easy to digest and always delicious. Get our new ORGANIC breads delivered to your door!

2DAY Express Shipping anywhere in the US for FREE!!

Ordering Time: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Shipping Out: Mon-Wed 
Shipping Time: 2 days guaranteed* (FedEx 2Day Express)
Shipping Address: We DO NOT ship to a PO Box address!
Box Size: FedEx Medium Only (accommodate2-6 items depends on which program)
Shelf Life: 7 days ambient, 4 months in the freezer
Handling Breads: First freeze, then thaw, toast or refresh in the oven. (more info)

*Severe weather, natural disasters, holidays, Covid-19 and other conditions beyond our control can occasionally disrupt our services.

No Added Sugar // Kosher // NON-GMO Verified // 100% Traceable NON-GMO Seeds // Fresh Milled Flour // Artisan Techniques // Baked in Small Batches // Only Three Main Ingredients: Flour, Water, Salt // No Artificial Flavors, Preservatives or Colors // Long Fermentation // Easy to Digest // Freezable for 4 Months.  // Vegan - Except Challah (eggs) and Multigrain (honey)

Izzio Sliced Brioche is Here!


Watch Chef and Owner Robin Baron demonstrating how to make the best French Toast using Izzio Traditional Challah

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Izzio's 8 Slice Commercial with CEO Etai Baron

New from Izzio: Sourdough Starter and Premium Bread Flour for your home baking!


From Izzio Starter to a Loaf of Sourdough




We are taking it very seriously

Bread is Life. As one of the essential businesses Izzio is staying open during COVID-19 outbreak. We are on the mission to feed people and to keep them safe, our customers & employees alike. Here are the measures we put in place at our facility:

- Employees & approved visitors get temperature & symptoms checked at the entrance. Based on the symptoms check & questioning about their possible exposure they get a clearance stamp and can enter the building.

- Social distancing protocols are in place even while in operation: modifying production processes to keep our employees 6-feet apart whenever possible, no gatherings.

- Gloves for handling products 

- Although we are already set up to be a food-safe environment, we have further enhanced all our safety & hygiene protocols, increasing frequency of cleanings & disinfecting all the surfaces at the production & common areas. 

May you be safe & healthy & eat artisan bread only!