Going Baguette!

Are you Baguette or Sourdough kind of a person? 

Hip and  edgy, Sourdough bread has recently made a triumphant comeback to an American food-scene. We love our Sourdough. But for the time being - we are totally going Baguette! 

Baguettes are a saucy class. Paired with some camembert cheese, it makes a perfect pregame to any meal.  Unlike with many things in life, one can totally have expectations from their baguette and we are here to raise the bar! 

Baguette is all about crunchy exterior vs. soft interior. A good one is usually long and thin, with open cuts and chaotic ribs. When you break it open you should hear the cracking and see the crusts flaking off on the table. The interior of a good baguette is more creamy than white, with an open cell structure and very distinguish aroma of yeast when you bite into it. 

The ultimate baguette test is to start eating it on the way from the bakery or the store. A good one will be half-eaten by the time you get home. Thats why you always get two. 

Even if you don't have a boulangerie next door, we’ve got you covered at Izzio’s. You can order a perfect baguette from our "Take & Bake" series. It only takes ten minutes for our thawed Demi to turn into golden'ish brown perfectly crusty and yeast'y Mr. French Baguette.