NEW: Izzio's ORGANIC Take & Bake

More about Baguette please!

A perfect baguette is the ultimate goal of every ambitious artisan baker, including we at Izzio. 

Not all the baguettes are created equal. Izzio Baguette partly owes its yeasty and aromatic self to our signature sourdough sharing a bit of its 'gene pool' with it. 

Normally, baguettes are made with yeast, which is a is a single-celled microorganism related to mushrooms and not our old friends - bacterias called lactobacillus & acetibacillus. Without the sourdough bacteria, the dough develops rapidly and does not get all the benefits which come with lengthy fermentation, both nutrition and flavor-wise. 

That's why we give this classic French staple a High Country twist adding a mix of fermented flour with our signature sourdough culture into our into the baguette dough.

 Tangy and crusty, with a moist crumb, our baguettes are available as "Take & Bake" to enjoy it at its best!


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