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Nutritional Benefits Of Eating Whole Grain Bread

For years, it’s been thought that eating bread causes you to gain weight. While it’s the largest portion and the basis of the food pyramid, eating carbs in excess is what really harms people and increases weight gain. You’ve probably heard that myth a time or two before, especially if you’re on a strict diet or a low-carb one such as keto or Atkins.

However, Izzio Artisan Bakery is here to prove this myth wrong on two counts. The first is that not all bread is created equally and not all will help you gain weight. The other is that our European bread is incomparable to the type that you can purchase in stores. Instead of buying store-bought bread, our European bread is tastier, healthier, and does not have any additives. It’s also the perfect bread for people who eat clean, which we’ll dive into a little later.

What’s great about our breads is how healthy they are to consume. Not only are they low-calorie, but they are also nutrient dense. Let’s face it, you can never have enough nutrients in your diet. This bread is perfect for those who abide by a strict diet of clean eating or who love bread, but are on a strict diet. Even though you may be on a diet, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy healthy bread. In fact, we strongly encourage you to enjoy this bread because of the many nutritional benefits.

In our rye and whole grain bread, there are no GMOs, preservatives, enrichments, or other unnecessary ingredients that are not only unhealthy for you, but can also cause your body to be thrown out of its usual cycle. So many people these days are developing dietary restrictions because of what most of our food is made of. Eliminate indigestion, headaches, and weight gain when you start to eat foods that are healthy for you. Allow your body to process meals the way it is supposed to, with food that is just food. So how healthy and nutritious is our bread? Let’s dig a little deeper into what you need and want to know.

The Health Benefits Of Eating Our Bread

To give you a good idea of the health benefits of our bread, we listed out some of our favorite facts. Each of the breads we offer is homemade and low in sodium and calories, and it’s the best bread for diets as well as your health.

High In Nutrients And Fiber

Rye and whole grain bread are high in nutrients and fiber. Fiber helps with your digestion as well as your immune system. Many people’s diets do not include enough fiber and that can be a cause for digestive issues as well as severe discomfort. The nutrients that are in our breads are potassium, iron, and more.

Additionally, since our bread is made with honey, you’re taking in antioxidants. With two to three grams of fiber in each serving of our healthy northern European bread, you’ll get your daily dose of fiber and other nutrients that will help power you through the day. By eating nutrient dense breads, your body will feel stronger, healthier, and energized. Furthermore, rye has fiber that is heavy with probiotics. Probiotics, if you’re not aware, help with digestive health, and grows the intestinal flora.

Lower Risk Of Heart Disease

Heart disease is prevalent in our society, especially as Americans. It’s the leading cause of death in the entire world. There are many ways to lower heart disease and one of them is by changing your diet. Whole grains help to lower your risk of heart disease by up to 47 percent. Rye and whole grain bread help to promote heart health. The grains that are used in these breads will help to lower your risk of heart disease because of the fiber and how it contributes to lowering the cholesterol levels.

Recently, it’s been discovered that heart problems can be genetic, but with the right diet, you’re able to fight back against heart-related conditions. Rye can also help with anti-inflammatory, which is thought to be the core root of many diseases. Rye in your diet can decrease inflammation and help your overall health. If you have type 2 diabetes, rye can also help to decrease inflammation, which helps to increase this type of diabetes in your body.

Lower Risk Of Stroke

What’s in our types of bread will help to lower your risk of stroke. As we covered above, rye and whole grain can help with lowering heart disease because of how it promotes heart health attributes throughout your body. When it comes to whole grains, they can help to lower your risk because of the fiber, vitamin K, and antioxidants that are densely packed into each slice of our bread. By eating heart healthy breads, you’ll combat pre-existing genes and lower your risk of a stroke with dense nutrients.

Reduced Risk Of Obesity

Americans have an obesity problem, but when you take the time to know what’s going into your body, you can make sure that you get the nutrients you need. With so much fast food, sugar-infused meals, and carbs at your fingertips, it can be difficult to start eating healthy. For this reason, you should take into consideration each meal that you eat and the number of nutrients and vitamins in it. By eating whole grain and rye bread like the European bread from Izzio Artisan Bakery, the fiber-rich foods will help to limit your eating by filling you up.

Whole grains and rye are more filling than refined grains, which is what helps to lower the risk of obesity. Rye has a lower glycemic index than many other products you may purchase on the market. A low glycemic index means that there are starches, but they do not increase the production of glucose in your system. A lower glycemic index is a great way to keep your weight where you want it and reduce obesity as well as the many problems that form due to weight gain.

Increased Chance Of Weight Loss

Our European breads can also help with weight loss. Yes, instead of the myths about bread helping you gain weight, it can actually help you lose it due to the fiber-rich and nutrient-enhancing foods. Aforementioned, we touched on reducing your risk of obesity, it also aids in your chances of losing weight. Everyone wants to drop a few pounds and rye and whole grain can help you with the glycemic index. Food is changed into glucose in the body and due to extra sugar in food, that’s reverted to fat cells — hence gaining those pounds. By eating foods that are lower in glycemic index, such as rye bread, you’ll actually lose weight and help your body instead of fighting against it with excess sugars.

Helps To Prevent Gallstones

Additionally, if you’re easily susceptible to gallstones, then rye and whole grain breads can help to prevent them. Gallstones are immensely painful and whatever you can do to combat them will be very beneficial to you. Many nutritionists tell patients to eat rye bread because of how much fiber it can offer your body. By eating fibrous dense breads, the bile acids that form gallstones will be reduced and you won’t have to deal with the immense pain from this medical condition. With four times more fiber than other breads, rye adds to your diet and decreases your risk of digestion issues, something we can all relate to.

The Nutritional Facts

The German rye bread has one gram of total fat, zero grams of cholesterol, and one gram of sugar. The 70 calories per serving help to make this protein-rich bread the best for your health and diet. With no added ingredients, the German rye bread has rye, water, molasses, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, caraway seeds, sea salt, and yeast. All of these ingredients added together will give you a bread that’s not only healthy, but also delicious.

Our whole grain bread is low in sodium and calories. Very similar to German rye bread when it comes to the nutritional facts, the whole grain bread has cracked spelt, water, pumpkin seeds, whole spelt flour, sea salt, honey, and whole wheat flour. You can’t go wrong with either of these options.

What To Know About Dieting And Our Breads

The options are endless when it comes to our breads and dieting. Diets are hard enough without having to worry about if you’re getting enough nutrients, vitamins, and calories. Due to the lack of additives and GMOs, our nutrient-filled breads will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle while reaching your ideal weight. Anyone who has ever been on a diet knows that it’s difficult; however, when you do some research to learn what is good and not so good for you, you’ll be a happier dieter and start to see a difference.

Rye and whole grain breads are great for clean eating and for people who are on a low-carb diet. This type of bread is also excellent for anyone who loves bread and wants to cut calories. As we covered above, they help with weight loss due to the low glycemic index. They also help your body go through the correct process to turn your foods into energy. Increase your energy, decrease your weight when you choose our European breads from Izzio Artisan Bakery.

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If you’re looking the perfect type of bread, then our rye and whole grain is the best option. Not only can you enjoy it while on a diet, but you can also prevent medical conditions that no one wants to worry about. We make purchasing our bread easy as well. Instead of going into a store and buying store-bought bread, you can do everything from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is press a few buttons and our bread will show up right at your doorstep.

Eat bread that’s good for you and tasty. Enjoy Izzio Artisan Bakery when it comes right to your door from our bakery.