We are on the Sourdough Mission!



Our Mission: Support healthy lifestyle by bringing Genuine Artisan Sourdough to every grocery store in America for affordable price. 

Real bread is not a luxury. It's a necessity that should be available to everyone. We make real Genuine Sourdough using Old World techniques and simple ingredients. Water, flour, a bit of salt and lots of fermentation time result in deep and complex flavors, tangy and moist crumb with a chewy crust. The extended fermentation time and absence of added sugars or yeast makes our bread easily digestible with all the nutrients bio available - and our bodies feel happy after eating it!

We also make other breads including baguettes, ciabattas, multigrain, whole grain, traditional challah and many more that share their origin with our Signature Sourdough since we use our starter that began in 1994 when the bakery was founded in all our recipes. We believe that sourdough bread is the best because the old-world baking sourdough process is superior to a commercial yeasted one. 

We are a proud Sourdough Bakery!